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Cincinnati Industrial Machinery (CIM) is the global leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing solutions for industrial, automotive, and foodservice markets

Our emphasis on quality is shown by the fact that many machines are still in daily operation after more than 40 years of continuous service with very high up-time day in and day out. Recognizing that no two situations are identical, CIM concentrates on each customer’s production, space, and operating requirements to design equipment that maximizes the return on investment.

Your Industrial Machinery Solution Provider

With a full line of industrial can washers, commercial washers, dryers, and ovens, CIM’s equipment washes and dries everything from aluminum & steel cans, small machine parts & fittings to diesel engine blocks, pots & pans, and much more!

CIM is known for both its engineering excellence, as well as providing cost-effective solutions to its customers. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers across many different industries and continents.

The CIM Advantage

As the pioneer and leader in can washing, we are always ready to support new can lines and increase your plant’s capacity to meet growing demand!

  • Leading the can washing industry since 1965, a pioneer in two-piece aluminum and steel can processing technology
  • Industry-proven long term reliability with hundreds of machines still in operation with high uptime performance after more than 40 years of production
  • No subcontract manufacturing. All two-piece can washers including washcoaters, IBOs, and pin ovens are built by CIM personnel.
  • Largest customer base with over 450 processing machines installed worldwide
  • Operations in both the USA and China
  • Fastest can size changeover time with patented Automatic Quick Adjust System
    (Patents:  US 10,702,900 & US 11,161,159)

    A comprehensive quality control run-off test is conducted at our plant prior to shipment:

    – All can washers and ovens completely assembled to an operating condition under one roof

    – Fully heated, run-off with all pumps, blowers, burners, and motors tested and operated (minus chemistry)

    – Shortens time to production with onsite reassembly and commissioning completed in less than two weeks

Decades of experience designing and building machinery for a variety of industrial cleaning, drying, and curing ovens and finishing systems.

  • Industry-proven long term reliability with hundreds of machines still in operation with high uptime performance after more than 40 years of production
  • A large customer base of machines installed worldwide
  • Complete lines of industrial washers, industrial ovens, and finishing systems

Alvey Washing Equipment products are precisely engineered to clean a variety of commercial kitchen products.

  • Designed for one man operation, reducing labor costs
  • Quick wash cycles, items cleaned, sanitized, and ready to use in a matter of minutes
  • NSF Certified
  • Trusted due to our energy-efficient features and smart design
  • Each parts washers are built to order and tested thoroughly
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315,000 square-foot production facility

In-house engineering capability

Production facilities in both
the US & China

In business since 1943