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Armor Aftermarket is the official OEM replacement parts sales provider for Cincinnati Industrial Machinery. It’s important to use the right replacement part for the machinery to ensure proper fit and function to keep your equipment running efficiently. Our friendly customer service team can quickly identify the part you need and have it shipped to you promptly. 



To order parts, you can call or email today! 


To view our spare parts lists for common Cincinnati Industrial Machinery and Alvey Washing Equipment products, visit Armor Aftermarket, the official OEM replacement parts provider for Cincinnati Industrial Machinery. 

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Armor Aftermarket is the official post-sales service team for Cincinnati Industrial Machinery and Alvey Washing Equipment products.  As part of The Armor Group, Inc., Armor Aftermarket has the experience and expertise to install, maintain, repair, and provide parts for your two-piece can washers, industrial washers, industrial ovens, commercial kitchen washers, and finishing systems.

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery offers original OEM replacement parts for all products, as well as competitor products through our aftermarket service team, Armor Aftermarket. We pride ourselves on our extensive part product knowledge and quick shipping. We strive to get your parts to you as quickly as possible to get you back in operating condition.

We perform audits and rebuilds on existing industrial equipment to ensure they are running at peak performance and troubleshoot potential issues before they become major problems.  At Armor Aftermarket, we provide a full report of our multi-point inspection to you after an audit with any issues or potential problems highlighted.