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Cabinet Washers

An economical, compact and
self-contained system

Cabinet washers are designed to be compact, self-contained systems that allow multiple wash stages to be processed in a single compartment. They are an economical solution for washing medium to large size parts in a low volume production cycle. The capacity and cycle times can be customized to meet your specific application needs. Cabinet washers are frequently used in the automotive industry for washing compressors, motors, engine blocks, and transmissions, but can be used to wash other parts for various industries.

Cabinet Washer Features:

  • Stainless steel machine fabrication
  • Double welded, water tight tank
  • CPVC water inlet piping, single point connection
  • Lift-off tank access lid with stainless steel pump screen
  • Push buttons and pilot lights for operator interface
  • Low solution level cut-off switches
  • Push button & pilot lights for pilot interface
  •  Variable speed table controller
  •  Manual throttle valves
  •  Easy read gauges
  • 7-day timer for preheat-up of tank
Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Industrial Cabinet Washer