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Two-Piece Can Technology

With over 450 processing machines installed worldwide, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery
is a pioneer in two-piece aluminum and steel can processing technology.

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery’s experienced engineers and industrial designers are responsible for the major advancements in can washing and drying found in today’s machines. Combining internal and external can curing technologies, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery provides every customer with the competitive advantage that you will not find anywhere else. Cincinnati Industrial Machinery is the single source for your two-piece food and beverage can washing, drying, and curing needs. We are the world’s most experienced manufacturer of can washers and dryers.

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery’s powerful can washer grants whoever possesses it control over more than water. From patented automatic quick adjust to data-rich smart production, our can washers are designed to give the best control over the entire can cleaning process. This combined with Cincinnati’s quality spanning decades, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery provides the best return on investment in the industry. Why yield to forces of nature, when you can wield the power to control your clean?

The Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Advantage

  • Leading the can washing industry since 1995, a pioneer in two-piece aluminum and steel can processing technology
  • Industry proven long term reliability with hundreds of machines still in operation with high uptime performance after more than 40 years of production
  • Largest customer base with over 450 processing machines installed worldwide
  • Fastest can size changeover time with patented Automatic Quick Adjust System

    (Patents:  us 10,702,900 & us 11,161,159)

  • Complete lines of two-piece can washer container equipment including washers, washcoaters, IBO’s, and pin ovens

Get More Control Over

Your Time with the Lowest Industry Lead Time and Reduced Downtime

Your Costs with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership and Highest Return on Investment

Your Processes with the Smartest Can Washer Technology

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