Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Pin Industrial Ovens Yellow and Grey Machine

Pin Ovens

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery’s pin ovens are designed for maximum efficiency, up-time, and ease of maintenance. To reduce heat loss and energy waste, the walls, floor, and roof are constructed with 150 mm thick low conductivity “tongue and groove” insulated panel assemblies made of steel and packed with high-density mineral wool insulation. Our team of engineers and project managers works with your needs to accommodate various can heights, line configurations, and curing times. 

Pin Oven Features

  • Embossed and perforated oven panel edges to minimize metal conduction
  • Fully insulated and sealed access doors are positioned and sized to allow easy access to the oven workspace while minimizing heat loss
  • Easy access to the sprockets, nozzles, and pin chain through a roof access door
  • Can chutes are designed to allow fallen cans to be easily removed
  • Speed up to 2,400 CPM
  • Adjustable for various can trim heights
  • Three-sided air impingement for maximum heat transfer to the cans
  • 126 tooth sprockets where cans are present for can stability
  • Designed for maximum temperature uniformity
  • Unique fresh air intake method that minimizes the condensation of solvents within the oven
  • Low inertia sprockets with a maximum run-out of .020″
  • Standby mode that reduces gas and electric consumption when the oven is in idle mode
  • VFD control of re-circulation and exhaust fans to optimize airflow and exhaust rates