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Monorail Washers

Monorail industrial washers offer an ideal solution for automated paint line operations requiring pre-treat or phosphate systems. In a monorail washer, interchangeable fixtures and carriers accommodate parts of a specific size or shape, families of parts, or when arranged with universal tooling, a variety of assorted parts. Monorail type washers are readily integrated into existing overhead conveyors. In-line, U-shaped, and other system configurations afford installation and process flexibility. The monorail industrial washers are frequently seen in the powder coating, conversion coating, and automotive industries, but is an extremely versatile manufactured washer that works well in a variety of industries. 

Monorail Washer Features

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Monorail Rack Washers Machine
  • Double welded, watertight tanks
  • Epoxy coated tub-axial exhaust fan
  • Industrial vertical close-coupled pumps
  • Quick disconnect riser couplings
  • Variable speed pump and fan controllers
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Insulated blow off heating chamber
  • Premium efficiency motors
  • Energy conservation mode
  • Ethernet capable
  •  Quick disconnect riser couplings
  •  Clip-on nozzles
  •  Automatic water fill

Industrial series monorail washers are built with enduring construction, easy maintenance, operator-friendly, environmentally conscious, and safety in mind. 

Download the sales sheet to learn more about the built-in engineering features and functionality.