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Rotary Basket Washers

Using pump turbulation, spray impingement, and rotating immersion agitation in the cleaning process.

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery’s multi-action cleaning rotary basket washers incorporate three simultaneous actions: turbulation, agitation, and rotation. As the parts basket is immersed into the turbulent, solvent-free solution, the mechanical agitation and rotation actions are engaged. The combination of these three actions enables thorough contact with all surfaces and openings through the process from wash to dry. Ultrasonics can also be incorporated in some applications to further enhance the cleaning levels. The use of baskets allows for irregular-sized parts as well as both large and small parts to be washed simultaneously. Rotary basket washers are a popular choice for the automotive, machine hardware, and precision manufacturing industries to wash threaded parts, fittings, screws, bearings, and other complex-shaped parts.

KS-48 Industrial Washers Features:

  • Stainless steel machine fabrication
  • Doubled welded, watertight tanks
  • CPVC water inlet piping, single-point connection
  • Stainless steel round marine doors (single bolt)
  • Lift-off tank access lid with stainless steel pump screen
  • Lift-off housing access doors
  • Uses standard 18” X 12” X 6” Kadon baskets
  • Programmed preheat-up of tanks
  • Low solution level cut-off switches
  • The variable speed table controller
  • Energy conservation mode

Industrial series rotary basket washers are built with enduring construction, easy maintenance, operator-friendly, environmentally conscious, and safety in mind. 

Download the sales sheet to learn more about the built-in engineering features and functionality.

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