Finishing Systems

CIM designs, engineers, fabricates, installs, and services finishing systems to coat any type of product

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery (CIM) designs, engineers, fabricates, installs, and services finishing systems to coat any type of product. As an industry-leading turn-key systems supplier, CIM consults each of its customers to define the product coating performance expectations, production requirements, as well as facility limitations to ensure each customer is investing in the most productive and cost-effective finishing system possible. Each finishing system has many possible arrangement options, but CIM believes that there is only one that is best suited to the user’s plant conditions and needs. Only after working closely with you and our suppliers, are we able to determine the system best suited to your specific requirements. The components of our finishing systems are able to assist its users in many areas. A few of the areas in which the components of CIM’s finishing systems assist our customers are material handling, pretreatment, spray application, coating application, as well as curing and drying.

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Industrial Ovens Wet Paint Systems Machine

Wet Paint Systems

• Fully integrated turnkey systems designed for your industrial application
• Overhead monorail, enclosed track, and conveyor systems
• Systems can be integrated into existing finishing system or built for use with new equipment
• High-quality components and craftsmanship
• Multiple material handling

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Industrial Curing Ovens Powder Coating Systems Machine

Powder Coating Systems

• High-quality finishing system for a more durable finish than liquid paints
• Systems include manual, automatic unit, small-batch, or automated conveyor
• Environmentally friendly finishing option with no solvents involved, creating a virtually pollution-free application
• Provides an even coating with minimal waste and maximum efficiency
• CIM takes into consideration factors such as durability, noise, efficiency, lighting, and cost when designing a system

The Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Advantage

  • Industry proven long term reliability with hundreds of machines still in operation with high uptime performance after more than 40 years of production
  • A large customer base of industrial machinery installed worldwide
  • Complete lines of industrial washers, industrial ovens, and finishing systems