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Our History

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery has been innovating industrial cleaning and finishing systems since 1943. During and post World War II, Cincinnati became a key supplier of industrial equipment needed in the production for a multitude of industries, and continues to be so to this day. Some of the industries served include food and beverage containers, battery cans and ends, automotive parts, ammunition casings, and more.

Best known as the inventor of the two-piece can washer for aluminum beverage cans in 1963, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery has led the way with billions and billions of cans cleaned by hundreds of Cincinnati washers operating in plants worldwide. It is no wonder why many call it the “Cincinnati Washer.”

Often pioneers are thought to be outdated, but this couldn’t be further from the truth with Cincinnati Industrial Machinery. Cincinnati maintains its engineering excellence that has been awarded several patents over the years. Most recently in 2021, Cincinnati was awarded a patent for an Automatic Quick Height Adjust system that greatly reduces can production down time (Learn More Here).  Our R&D team continues to look for ways to provide cost effective processing solutions.

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery is a division of The Armor Group, a diversified group of manufacturing companies. As a subsidiary of The Armor Group, CIM has the extensive use of shared services and experiences that come with being part of a larger company. Acme Fab, also known as AF Industries and Alvey Washing Equipment are legacy companies that are now part of Cincinnati Industrial Machinery.

If you have industrial parts finishing or cleaning needs and are considering a can washer, parts washer, finishing system, food service washer, or an institutional washer, contact us today to provide you with the best solution tailored to your specific needs.


Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Machinery Co.
Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Eagle-Picher Logo
Cincinnati Industrial Machinery 2021 Logo Commercial Parts Washers Trademark Transparent Background
Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Co.
Cincinnati Brand Cleaning & Finishing Machinery is Born
Almost a year after the end of World War II, Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Co. icorporated in Cincinnati suburb of Sharonville. Cincinnati became a key part of America's post-war production.
Original Two-piece Can Washer
Cincinnati Develops First Two-piece Can Washer
Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Machinery Co. develops the world's first aluminum beverage two-piece can washer and dryoff oven for the Adolph Coors Company.
Conveyor Type Cleaning Device Patent 1966
Cincinnati Awarded Patent for Two-piece Can Washer Design
Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Machinery Co. awarded patent for conveyor washer for lightweight metallic containers.
Hold Down Conveyor Patent 1966
Cincinnati Awarded Patent for Can Washer Hold Down Conveyor
Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Machinery Co. awarded patent for a hold down conveyor for its Two-piece Can Washer.
Can Washer Patent 1966
Cincinnati Awarded Patent for Can Washer Hold Down Conveyor
Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Machinery Co. awarded patent on updated design for Two-piece Can Washer.
Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Eagle-Picher Logo
Eagle Picher Acquires Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Machinery Co.
Eagle Picher announced that it would purchase Cincinnati Cleaning & Finishing Machinery for a cash deal.
The Armor Metal Group Acquires Cincinnati Industrial Machinery
The Armor Metal Group purchased the last Eagle-Picher subsidiary operating in Cincinnati.
China Production
Cincinnati Starts Asia Operations in Shanghai
New Shanghai factory opened to produce Cincinnati Washers and Ovens for Asia market.
Aluminum Bottle Preform Washer
Cincinnati Develops World's First Bottle Preform Washer
Cincinnati Industrial Machinery develops first purpose built aluminum bottle preform washer.
Automatic Quick Height Adjust Patent 2021
Cincinnati Awarded Patent for Automatic Can Height Adjustment
The Armor Metal Group, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery's parent, awarded patent for an automatic quick can height adjustment for Cincinnati washers. Cincinnati never stops innovating.
European Patent Highlights Cincinnati Washer
Patent awarded to Rexam Beverage Can Co. cites Cincinnati Industrial Machinery can washer as its example of a can body washer, highlighting the continued leadership of the "Cincinnati Washer."
August 28, 1946
July 26, 1966
December 13, 1966
May 6, 1969
Novembe 10, 1968
November 2, 2021
April 6, 2022