Customer: Large Beer Maker

World’s First Bottle Preform Washer

How Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Solved the Unstable Bottle Preform Challenge


As part of the production of the first aluminum beer bottle, a large beer maker needed to be able to clean a 205 x 900 bottle preform. No existing two-piece can washer could handle such an unstable can. Using traditional can conveying, transfers, and drying would result in most cans being tipped over. As such, the large beer maker turned to the pioneer in two-piece can washing and drying, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery, hoping for an innovative solution.


Cincinnati Industrial Machinery leveraged its decades of expertise to design and build washers and dryers tailored specifically for the needs of the tall, small diameter bottle preform production. This involved innovative solutions such as a specialized hold-down conveyor, highly penetrating sprays with special nozzles, high-pressure shortened rinses, and a high-velocity blow-off to effectively handle the unique dimensions of these bottles. A lower volume, pressure-controlled vacuum transfer was also implemented to ensure the cans remained stable during the transfer between the washer and dryer. To guarantee optimal drying, a suction dryer was used to best stabilize the cans. With the Cincinnati team onsite to precisely level the bed and provide expert support, these specialized machines enabled multiple lines of high-quality, low-spoilage bottle production.


Cincinnati Aluminum Bottle Preform Washer: This Cincinnati Industrial Machinery washer type is the first two-piece can washer purpose built to handle aluminum bottle preforms.

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