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Specialized Washers & Dryers for Battery Manufacturing

With battery demand well-outpacing supply and battery sizing changing on the fly, battery can manufacturers need high output and versatile production equipment. Cincinnati Industrial Machinery battery can washers clean...
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Can Washer:  Quality Control Run-Off Test

Learn how Cincinnati Industrial Machinery conducts a comprehensive quality control run-off test before to shipment to shorten the time to production.
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Automatic Quick Adjust System

Learn how a single operator can quickly change can sizes on a beverage washer line with the patented Automatic Quick Adjust System.
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Cost of Ownership – Can Washer and Dryer

Developing sustainable, low carbon, resource-efficient can manufacturing equipment with a minimum environmental impact is being monitored closely and will be of more concern for equipment and can manufacturers soon. More and more manufacturers claim that their machines are the most efficient with the lowest cost of ownership, but...
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Cleaning Up in a Changing Market

Can washer manufacturer Cincinnati Industrial Machinery (CIM) is also mindful of the impact of downtime on hard-pushed canmakers. The Ohio-based behemoth in the washer sector has begun marketing an Automatic Quick Adjustment product that enables the speedy switch for its can washers to accommodate different container sizes....
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Food Steel Cans Manufacturing Notable Differences to Aluminum Beverage Cans

The recent growth of the beverage can business in the US and around the world is well known. Aluminum cans are displacing other forms of beverage packaging, and the recent uptick in grocery store sales (vs. restaurants) due to the pandemic has also boosted the growth of beverage cans...
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The Process and Value of Beverage Can Washers

The beverage can washer has been an essential part of 2-piece beverage and food can manufacturing since the early 1960’s. Many innovations have taken place since the days when aluminum beverage cans were made from soaped aluminum slugs, and can washers used kerosene to clean them. Now, as well as in the very early days when “high speed” lines ran an amazing 125 cans per minute, a washer is positioned between the body makers and the decorator...
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