Specialized Washers & Dryers for Battery Manufacturing

With battery demand well-outpacing supply and battery sizing changing on the fly, battery manufacturers need high output and versatile production equipment. Cincinnati Industrial Machinery battery can washers clean thousands of battery cells per minute with quick automatic adjustments to accommodate various shapes and sizes.


• Industry-proven long-term reliability with hundreds of machines still in operation with high uptime performance, some with more than 40 years of production


• A large customer base of machines installed worldwide, including several leading battery manufacturers

• Complete lines of industrial washers, industrial ovens, and finishing systems

Increasing production and decreased manufacturing costs with faster, more efficient battery cell cleaning and drying processing times

With decades of improving customer processes, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery is a leading manufacturer of industrial washers and drying ovens for various industries. Our line of battery cell washers and dryers is carefully designed to meet the exacting requirements of your specific application. We build to achieve desired outcomes for your battery cell manufacturing requirements.

We provide comprehensive support from engineering to installation. At build completion, we conduct a customer run-off, giving confidence that the equipment is running smoothly before shipment.

Our superior aftermarket team provides installation, startup, and training services,
helping to get production up and running fast!