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Side Load Commercial Washers

Alvey side load commercial washers are a compact alternative for washing dishes, cups, mugs, and utensils. These dishwashers feature a completely automatic cleaning and sanitizing cycle and are built tough with stainless steel. Side load commercial washers are also known as pass-through washers because of the two doors system they use. An operator loads dirty dishes and utensils on one side, and once clean, items are unloaded through the second door.

Side load commercial washers are also available with a corner load option to maximize space which otherwise may be unusable. A corner load door can be designed for either a right-hand or left-hand corner.

Alvey Washing Equipment

Side Load Commercial Washer Features

  • Two-door pass-through operation designed to be used with load/unload drain tables
  • High volume, high-pressure centrifugal pump delivers total spray coverage to the product
  • Vertical operating doors counterweighted for ease of operation
  • Door operated safety shut-down switch
  • Automatic hold-down grid for lightweight items
  • Options and accessories available

Industrial side load washers are built with enduring construction, easy maintenance, operator-friendly, environmentally conscious, and safety in mind.

Contact us to discuss your industrial dishwasher and commercial kitchen washer application needs.

Alvey industrial washers are manufactured and fully tested at our Mason, OH facility. All commercial washers are built to specifications utilizing the latest engineering and design technology. Each industrial kitchen washer is constructed of stainless steel to ensure durability for years of reliable service.

Alvey Washing Equipment is a division of Cincinnati Industrial Machinery. The Armor Aftermarket service team offers official OEM parts and reliable support throughout our customer base

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