Can Washer:  Quality Control Run-Off Test

Learn how Cincinnati Industrial Machinery conducts a comprehensive quality control run-off test before to shipment to shorten the time to production.

Unique Competitive Advantages

  • Leading the can washing industry since 1965, a pioneer in two-piece aluminum and steel can processing technology

  • Industry-proven long term reliability with hundreds of machines still in operation with high uptime performance after more than 40 years of production

  • No subcontract manufacturing. All two-piece can washers including washcoaters, IBOs, and pin ovens are built by CIM personnel

  • Largest customer base with over 450 processing machines installed worldwide

  • Operations in both USA and China
  • Fastest can size changeover time with patented Automatic Quick Adjust System
    (Patents:  US 10,702,900 & US 11,161,159)

  • A comprehensive quality control run-off test is           conducted at our plant prior to shipment:

    – All can washers and ovens completely assembled to an operating condition under one roof

    – Fully heated, run-off with all pumps, blowers, burners, and motors tested and operated (minus chemistry)

    – Shortens time to production with onsite reassembly and commissioning completed in less than two weeks