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Alvey KS-88 Washer

The Alvey® KS-88 is the largest Alvey cart & rack style washer, designed for large kitchen and baking facilities. It is a walk-in type, stainless steel washer designed to clean cooking accessories, baking equipment, pots, pans, and other commercial kitchen and bakery accessories. The KS-88 is also an efficient, high-volume pot, pan, and utensil washer with the use of optional racks or a cart system. The KS-88 can be modified to meet almost any rack or production rate.

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery KS88 Alvey Washing Equipment Machine

“Since February 1998, the ease of operating and maintaining our Alvey KS-88 unit to wash our pots
and pans up to four times a day, makes our work life a bit less hectic.” 

-Lynn McKeehan, Owner, Bonnie Lynn Bakery & Restaurant