Customer: Shengxing Protec, Wenzhou, China

Increasing Production Capacity

First High Volume Bottle Preform Washer in China


In 2016, Shengxing Protec, a can maker in Wenzhou, China, needed to increase production on its aluminum bottle line. Shengxing Protec’s existing washing system only allowed for a maximuim of 600 cans per minute, while demand required something that could achieve 1800 cans per minute. Shengxing Protec turned to the leader in can washing technology, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery, for the answer, especially since Cincinnati developed the world’s first bottle preform washer.


With its experience in designing and building bottle preform can washers and dryoff ovens, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery introduced to Shengxing Protecits technology to clean as many preforms per minute customers need. While the Cincinnati Preform Washer provided provided needed production speed, it did so while all but eliminating spoilage due to tip overs, something that would otherwise be common with the long preforms. Cincinnati’s preform washer has processed billions of bottle preforms for Shengxing Protec, allowing Shengxing Protec to bceome one of China’s major suppliers of aluminum bottles.

Featured Product

1800 CPM Cincinnati Aluminum Bottle Preform Washer: Cincinnati Industrial Machinery developed the first bottle preform washer, and this was the first two-piece can washer purpose built to handle aluminum bottle preforms in China.

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