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Alvey GI-2 Washer

No commercial kitchen facility is complete without an Alvey washer

Alvey Washing Equipment

The Alvey GI-2 garbage can washer is larger than the GI-1 and can accommodate trash cans up to 34” in diameter and 42” high. Like the GI-1, the GI-2 quickly and efficiently washes and sanitizes trash receptacles in less than two minutes per receptacle. The fully contained stainless steel cabinet allows the operator to simply place the can into the washing chamber, close the door and select a wash cycle. The GI-2 will wash and rinse both the inside and outside of the waste receptacle. This washer is ideal for high-volume bakeries, hospitals, schools, institutions, and more.

The Alvey Model GI-2 waste can washer quickly and efficiently wash and sanitize waste receptacles in fully contained stainless steel cabinets.
No longer is it necessary to devote a separate room for washing waste receptacles. The cabinet design allows the operator to simply place the can into the washing chamber, close the door, and push the ‘start’ selector switch. The GI series washers do the rest!

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery is the manufacturer of Alvey Washing Equipment.

Alvey GI-1 & GI-2 washers are built with enduring construction, easy maintenance, operator-friendly, environmentally conscious, and safety in mind. 

  • GI-1 accepts cans up to 36” high X 22” in diameter
  • GI-2 accepts cans up to 25” X 32” X 42” (64 gallons)

Download the sales sheet to learn more about the built-in engineering features and specifications.

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